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The high seas are, by far, the most demanding place for surface mobility applications. Nowhere is it more power hungry, rigorous and corrosive. That is the mission of Hyseas Energy: To deliver highly resilient, marine grade, clean power solutions based on Hydrogen Fuel Cells systems; Dedicated to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions from ships.


The need for clean energy and efficient solutions has never been greater. At the same time, mature and reliable hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are now ready for commercial deployments to fulfil this need. Having recognized this necessity, the International Maritime Organisation, The European Union and many other local regulatory bodies have introduced increasingly stringent rules on emissions from ships.


Electrical power generation by Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems only produces water vapour and heat as useable waste products. It is silent, has very few moving parts and a long service life. Scalable from small to large power applications and the maintenance does not generate toxic wastes. It provides large amounts of energy over long periods of time, which is exactly what shipboard power solutions require.